Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love and dared to imagine a new way of living.

One without massacres and torn throats and bonfires of the fallen, without revenants or bastard armies or children ripped from their mother's arms to take their turn in killing and dying.

Once, the lovers lay entwined in the moon's secret temple and dreamed of a world that was like a jewel-box without a jewel - a paradise waiting for them to find it and fill it with their happiness.

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That was not this world.

Zoe Plant Reader Review - Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor

Review by Sugarscaper Zoe Plant

After reading first book Daughter of Smoke and Bone I was already excited to begin reading the sequel. The cover of the book was very appealing and I loved  the contrast of the light fire and the dark stars, which instantly made it look like there's a story behind it.

I usually go for books about mythical creatures and things out of the ordinary, so this is something I would definitely go for, and out of all the books in this genre I've read before, this is by far one of the best! The thing I like most about this story is the character Akiva, because throughout the story his eagerness is persistent and once he sets his eye on something, like when Karou goes missing, he doesn’t give up until he finds her.

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Some parts in the book are quite confusing, but it's also quite clever how the author does it because at the beginning of each chapter it switches from one character to the next to fill in the different parts of the story. The book is full of cliffhangers, which create suspense and made me keep going on and on - I really couldn't put it down. The ending was actually the most disappointing part of the book as I just wanted to carry on reading. I can't wait for the next one!

It's definitely one for the girls - it'll give you thrills and there are quite a few characters that will just make you melt at the sight of them - especially Akiva who is like the Harry Styles of characters!

Overall I’d give this book a 4/5 rating. It's a fantastic read and you should definitely read it!

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