Bearing in mind that Little Mix decided to name their debut album DNA, we'd imagined that they'd probably be pretty well mugged up on their science knowledge.

Oh how wrong we were.

Little Mix do the DNA science quiz and Perrie Edwards does a snogging impression - VIDEO

Popping in on the girls for a chat, we thought what better way to get to know them than give them a gruelling science based quiz. Which roughly translates as a quiz about the physics of snogging, but still.

We did learn a few things during the test though, mainly from Perrie. Particularly interesting was here demo of how to kiss like you're in a washing machine (lucky Zayn) and her belief that you can apparently catch crabs off a toilet seat.

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Thanks Pezza.

Check it out...

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What do you think about all that? Loving Perrie's snogging impression?

Comments below please...

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