One Direction had a chat with Billboard recently and spoke about all things serious and musical. (Boys we’re sorry we’ve never spoke to you about anything more muso-like; we just really wanted to know what you called boobs.)

During the interview Liam Payne managed to pull himself away from his Paynis for a bit to talk about a band he’s really into at the moment.

Liam Payne

“There's a band called Passenger who's got an album out at the moment that's really, really good. It's really acoustic stuff.”

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In fact ol’ Paynster is so dead keen on this lot, that One Direction might just do a little ode to them.

“They've got a song called "Let Her Go," which I think could be a gig one.”

You’re probably going to want to hear Let Her Go don’t you? Well TA DA.

Reckon los boyos, could do this justice?

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