One Direction had a chat with Billboard recently and spoke about all things serious and musical. (Boys we’re sorry we’ve never spoke to you about anything more muso-like; we just really wanted to know what you called boobs.)

During the interview Liam Payne managed to pull himself away from his Paynis for a bit to talk about a band he’s really into at the moment.

Liam Payne

“There's a band called Passenger who's got an album out at the moment that's really, really good. It's really acoustic stuff.”

In fact ol’ Paynster is so dead keen on this lot, that One Direction might just do a little ode to them.

“They've got a song called "Let Her Go," which I think could be a gig one.”

You’re probably going to want to hear Let Her Go don’t you? Well TA DA.

Reckon los boyos, could do this justice?

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