Ooh err! It's the Top 10 bad boys in books

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It's all very well being nice and well behaved, but there's something undeniably exciting about escaping into a story with a really good bad boy.

Whether it's the biker boots and wolfish charm of Jacob Black or the sarcasm and brooding arrogance of Jace Wayland, we are putty in their tattooed hands.

Our Top 10 Bad Boys in Books

Check out our favourites and see if you agree...

10. Noah Hutchins (Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry)

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No one knows what happened the night Echo Emerson went from popular girl with a jock boyfriend to the gossiped-about outsider with scars on her arms. Even Echo can't remember the whole truth about that terrible night.

But when Noah Hutchins, the smoking-hot, girl-using loner in the black leather jacket explodes into her life, things are set to change forever. With his tough attitude and bag load of problems he might not seem like a catch, but his surprising understanding causes Echo's world to shift in ways she could never imagine.

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They should have nothing in commin and with the secrets they are both keeping, being together is pretty much impossible.


9. Travis Maddox (Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire)

Top 10 Bad Boys in books - Beautiful disaster by Jamie McGuire

Travis beds girls like the rest of us eat Malteasers. As Eastern University's walking one-night stand, he is lean, cut and covered in tattoos. Spending his nights winning money in a floating fighting ring, by day he is the ultimate college campus charmer.

That is until he meets good girl Abby Abernathy and her collection of cardigans anyway. Unable to understand her ability to resist his prowess, he tricks her into his daily life with a simple bet. If he loses, he must remain abstinent for a month and if she loses, she must live in his apartment for a month.

Either way, Travis has no idea that he's finally me his match.


8. Patch Cipriano (Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick)

A new student at Coldwater High, Patch is the dark Levi's, dark boots kind of guy who smells like mint, earth and a bad attitude. Cold, secretive and completely infuriating, Nora can't help but be drawn in by his mysterious past wrapped up in romance and murder.

This would probably be a simple love story except that Patch just so happens to be a fallen angel tasked with deciding whether to sacrifice Nora to atone for his sins or commit to an eternal life all on his own.


7. Finnick Odair (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins)

Suzanne Collins - Catching Fire

On the surface Finnick is your typical charmer but in a world ruled by the back room dealings of an increasingly sinister Capitol, beauty isn't always the key to happiness.

Winning the Hunger Games when he was only 14, Finnick finds himself a puppet of the twisted society he lives in. But underneath the popularity he wears like armour is a canny Tribute armed with a truckload of secrets that might just help Katniss on her mission to dish out the justice she craves.

Oh and he's being played by FITTIE Sam Claflin in the movie. Phwoarr.


6. Jace Wayland (The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare)

If arrogance was a person, that'd be Jace but that said, it's fairly refreshing (not to mention HOT) to find a character with the goods to back up all that self-belief.

He's not just a pain in the arse though and actually happens to be a demon fighting Shadowhunter, who - after a chance encounter - might just be the only person that can help Clary Fray find her missing mum.

Not only does he know his way around a supernatural sword but he is completely infuriating, drop dead gorgeous and has the twisty turny past that makes you desperate to find out what's going on in the head of his.

We CANNOT WAIT to see Jamie Campbell Bower take him on in the movie.

Click next for the Top 5 bad boys we're drooling over. Naturally there is going to be a video of Taylor Lautner taking his clothes off involved. >>

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5. Four (Divergent by Veronica Roth)

When Tris leaves everything she's ever known behind to forge a new life with Dauntless, the fearless faction who protect society from harm, she is harshly thrown into a world of violence and pain.

But although her tough and undeniably gorgeous instructor Four seems to pick on her, putting her through the most rigorous training yet, she discovers that behind that steely, blue-eyed exterior they share a lot more in common than she'd ever imagined.

Tough and antagonistic, it's not going to be an easy ride, but then again, it's hard to beat a person that never gives up.

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4. Kaspar Varn (The Dark Heroine by Abigail Gibbs)

18 year old Abigail Gibbs signs deal with Harper Collins for vampire book The Dark Heroine

For Violet Lee, a chance encounter on a darkened street draws her into a world beyond her wildest imaginings. A timeless place of vast elegance and immeasurable wealth – of beautiful mansions and lavish parties – where a decadent group of friends live for pleasure alone. A place from which there is no escape, no matter how hard Violet tries.

Yet all the riches in the world can’t mask the darkness that lies beneath the gilded surface, embodied in the charismatic but dangerous Kaspar Varn, a vampire prince with undeniable charm and a cut throat attitude

Violet and Kaspar surrender to a passion that transcends their separate worlds – but it’s a passion that will surely come at a price.


3. Jacob Black (Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer)

Despite his happy ending, we always though Jake got a rather raw deal in the whole Bella and Edward fandango.

Not only does he stick by Bella when her vampire boyf buggers off, but he rides motorbikes, has massive muscles and bursts out of his clothes into wolf form whenever he fancies. If that doesn't scream ultimate boyfriend material we don't know what does, and frankly reckon Bella needs her head checked.

The image of Taylor Lautner strutting about looking angry and hard done by while also just happening to be topless in the rain does a lot to fuel this one too..

2. Mickey McKenzie (You Against Me by Jenny Downham)

Jenny Downham's You Against Me

Not all stories make it simple to choose between right and wrong, and when 18-year-old Mickey McKenzie's family is torn apart by his younger sister's claims that she has been raped, he naturally seeks revenge on the boy, Tom Parker.

But it's not as easy as he expected and after meeting Tom's sister Ellie, who is doing her best to keep her brother out of prison, their grief, hatred and battle to keep their warring families together unexpectedly pushes them closer together than either of them would ever have imagined.

Falling in love isn't an option. Not when there's revenge to be had, anyway.

1. Will Herondale (Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare)

Seventeen-year-old Will is the sort of young man nice Victorian girls are warned against. He drinks, gambles, and enjoys the company of ladies of questionable virtue - at least, as much as he enjoys anything. Will hates everyone and everything, with the possible exception of Jem, and even that is occasionally in doubt.

It might be the second Shadowhunter novel to make the list, but there is something about Will we cannot resist. It could be the fact that he's dark, sexy and ridiculously clever, but it also has a little to do with the fact that he's also been cursed so that anybody who falls in love with him is doomed to die.

When this causes his sister's death, Will vows to keep everyone at arms length - that is until Tessa takes a liking to him. Realising that he is falling for her as much as she is for him, he is thrown into a quandry - to make her hate him in order to save himself, or to face up to his demons and the possibility of losing her forever.

The blue eyed, dark lashed description doesn't do too badly to put him right up here either. PHWOARR.

So what do you think of our list? Have we missed any ovary dissolving bad boys? And will you be picking up any of these picks for a read?

Comments please!

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