Kim Kardashian opted for a bit of a change in the hair department this week, when she paid a visit to hairdresser Chris McMillan - the man who gave Miley Cyrus her radical new chop.

Disappointingly, Kim didn't leave with a shaved head and/or mohawk, but did allow Chris to give her a brand new fringe, and some flicky layers. THIS IS NEWS AT ITS FINEST.

kim kardashian bangs

Kim shared this photo with her Instagram followers, accompanied by the caption: "Fun shoot today @mrchrismcmillan He just can't control his scissor hands! #bangs"

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Why that hashtag wasn't trending worldwide we'll never know.

Chris himself also tweeted a pic of Kim's new look, saying: "shawnsssr BANGS!!! @kimkardashian #love #fringe #photoshoot #sexy @ Pier 59 Studios".

kim kardashian bangs

We actually like this softer look on Kim - who is often seen with poker straight locks or a ponytail so tight that it looks as though she's had a facelift.

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