When it comes to dancing, it's fair to say that One Direction are fairly talented. Particularly if your definition of talent involves inventing moves that involve waving your crotch in the air like you just don't care.

But despite their undoubted genius at devising dance moves, you may wonder which lad would take the crown in a dance off. Well wonder no more as apparently it's none other than regular twinkletoes Harry Styles.

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Probably has something to do with his concentration face;

Harry Styles is named the best dancer in One Direction by X Factor choreographer Brian Friedman

Before you get any wild ideas about Harold bursting out of a chimney pot in full Dick Van Dyke clobber, he's possibly not quite up to tapdancing along a rooftop just yet. But according to X Factor choreographer Brian Friedman, it's he and Niall that are the best when it comes to throwing shapes.

"Harry was definitely the best dancer," Brian told The Sun. "He was always good at the choreography. Niall was good at remembering which direction to move in."

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All this back to front and side to side business is well tricky after all.

Harry Styles the best dancer in One Direction?

Having seen that Dirty Dancing lift Harry and Taylor were working the other week, we're not surprised to hear this, but we're glad Brian hasn't overlooked Zayn's new found confidence for busting some moves.

"We all saw at Boot Camp that Zayn was about to walk away from the competition because of his dancing", Brian said.

"But he's better than he thought."


What do you think about all this. Agree that Harry is the one with the snakiest of hips?

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