If there's anything we love more than grumpy looking cats, we don't know what it is. A new AMAZING lol-worthy video has been created for animal charities, to remind us to spare a thought for all the pooches and pussycats who’ve been chucked out into the garden on Christmas Day to stop them nicking the sprouts.

share the joy

The hilarious video campaign called Share The Joy has been launched in aid of lots of different animal charities. It shows how the nation’s pets are getting smart this year to make sure that they can enjoy their Christmas time a bit more... ‘Cause cats like to party too, y’know.

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share the joy

And it’s WELL funny. If you like dogs with funny hats on and cats looking pissed off, you’ll like this vid.

After you’ve watched it, don’t forget that there’s actually a serious message behind the whole thing, as it’s an effort to raise money for animals who’ll be having a bad time over the festive season. Make sure you vote for your favourite animal charity to help them in their bid to win loadsa cash for their cause.

Have you put your vote in? And how amazing is the cat that photocopies itself? Our spirit animal.

Amanda Seyfried dressed as a frog and rapping Tupac. Yep.

A monkey wearing a coat in IKEA

What do you think?