It's definitely been a year for celebrities making revelations through their autobiographies and it sounds like The Wanted might be the next to join the party after Tom Parker revealed their plans to release a tell all book.

Sounds good to us - especially if there's a section of topless photos of the lads.

All The Wanted want to Christmas is peace with One Direction. Bless.

"We did a picture book a couple of years ago and we've spoken about doing a proper autobiography in the last few months," Tom told the Daily Star.

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"We don't think we are proper rock 'n' roll stars but we would want people to know exactly what goes on in the band."

Say what? We're not sure there's much more rock 'n' roll than wiping a bag of your own poo on the arm of your bandmate, Tom, but maybe that's just us.

Louis Tomlinson reading the wanteds book

It sounds like it's set to be a big fat tell all though and the lads aren't bothered about laying their hearts on the line and telling it like it is.

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"I'm not worried about putting in anything that would get us into trouble," he said.

"I think people would appreciate the fact we would tell the truth. Some people may like that and some people might not but we are not going to lie."

the wanted say their quotes about one direction were taken out of hand

Ooh and ERR, that sounds rather juicy. Fingers crossed that it'll involved a couple of chapters about the whole Twitter spat and 'Chlamydia Boy' based comments they had with One Direction.

What do you think - excited to read it?

Comments please!

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