Union J could be set to team up with another X Factor boyband - after they allegedly met with JLS star Oritse Williams to discuss him becoming their manager.

It's almost too much for our boyband lovin' brains to handle.

union j

The Union J boys parted company with former manager Blair Dreelan after leaving The X Factor, and according to The Sun, think Oritse - who already manages girlband VIDA - could be the man for the job.

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A source said: “The boys had a massive wobble over Louis Walsh. Louis has management experience but Oritse has youth and the knowledge of being in their shoes on his side.

“People think Louis is past it for a band like this.”

Past it? Pfff, clearly sourcey pants has never seen this photo of Lou-Lou being WELL GANGSTER. Yes, we know it's photoshopped, but still...

No news yet as to whether Oritse will take on the Union J leadership, BUT WE REALLY HOPE HE DOES.

What do you think?

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What do you think?