If you, like us, have never quite perfected the art of the 'smokey eye', then REJOICE - because never again will you have to look like a panda left out in the rain.

In fact, your eyes are going to be SMOULDERING (just in time for New Year's Eve) once you follow this step by step guide from make-up artist Hannah Cox.

nye smokey eye

Seriously, she makes it all seem rather easy.

Step 1: Prepare your canvas

First, apply your base (that means whack on some foundation, to non-professionals like us). Hannah also suggests dabbing a touch of concealer at the inner corner of each eye and has a top tip for those who have partied too hard this Christmas.

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New Year's Eve how to

"If you want to hide dark circles under your eyes, use a concealer with a yellow tone to it," she told us. "This will combat the greyey, purple tinge of bags, and give the illusion that you've had a good night's sleep!"

Step 2: Choose your base colour

nye how to

Use a dark grey eyeshadow as the base for your smokey eye, - sweeping it over the lid, but stopping just short of the inner corner.

nye how to smokey eye

"Make sure you blend the colour into your eyesocket with a brush," advises Hannah. "And use a lighter grey if you're going for a less dramatic look."

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Step 3: Add some shading

Now take a lighter shade of eyeshadow - Hannah chose a silver to keep things sparkly for New Year's Eve - and apply to the inner corner of your eye, making sure you blend it into your base colour, as shown in the photo above.

Step 4: Line it up

new year's eve how to

Eyeliner - the stage that always strikes fear into our kak-handed hearts. Hannah has some advice for keeping things simple though.

"If you're not comfortable with liquid eyeliner, stick to pencil," she says. "Draw a thin line from the halfway point of your upper lid to the outer corner, then do the same on the lower lash line.

"Smudge the eyeliner underneath your eye with a brush or your little finger to add to that smokey look."

Stage 5: Finishing touches

new years eve how to

After whacking on some heavy lashings of mascara, Hannah has a top tip to make your eyes POP even more.

"Apply some highlighter under your brow line, then blend some more of the darker grey eyeshadow right up to the top of your eyesocket, where the highlighter ends," she says.

new years eve how to

"Once that's done, get ready to see in 2013 in style, with the perfect smokey eye!"

Well there you go, who knew it could be so easy? Will you be trying out this look for your New Year's Eve party tonight?

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