Having laughed and cried our way through Annabel Pitcher's debut novel, My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece, we were naturally over the moon when we heard she was ready to release dark new book, Ketchup Clouds.

Exclusive interview with Ketchup Clouds author Annabel Pitcher

It's a whole new story and this time we meet Zoe, a fifteen-year-old with a secret. But it's not like she shoplifts, or sometimes slags off her best mate behind her back. In fact, Zoe's secret is so terrible that she can't tell anyone. Not until she hears about a criminal, Stuart Harris, who's locked up on death row in Texas.

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Like Zoe, Stuart is no stranger to secrets. Or lies. Or murder.

We sat down with Annabel for a chat about the book, real life prison pen pals and how to go about writing that killer first line.

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So what do you think about what Annabel has to say? Are you dying to read Ketchup Clouds and if you already have, what's the verdict?

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Check out the awesome Ketchup Clouds trailer here

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