It’s only been a month since the show ended, but James Arthur, District3 and that lot are already busy being proper popstars, performing in arenas and doing other generally amazing stuff.

The X Factor tour kicked off at the Manchester Arena over the weekend, and we’ve got all the pics for you to swoon over (we didn’t include Christopher Maloney – that’d just be too much to deal with on a Monday).

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Let’s start with the District3 boys.



THOSE HARMONIES. Our ears are so happy.

Unfortch there wasn’t a section of the show where they all take their tops off. Maybe save that for the final show, yeah lads? If you wanna see some Union J you should probably clickkkkk...NOW. 


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N’yawww, look at the boys playing their little ‘hands up who’s hottest’ game (Soz JJ, you’re not bad either).


Also, can we please take a moment to appreciate George Shelley’s hair? THIS IS SOMETHING THAT CANNOT BE SHAVED OFF. We’ve officially decided. We’re still mourning the loss of Liam Payne’s bouffant.


The lads even plucked one lucky lady from the audience and sang Call Me Maybe. To her. OMG, can you even imagine what you’d do in this scenario?

Come on peeps, get clicking next for more talent show tour amazingness… 




Fresh from her NTA’s performance last week, Ella took to the stage wearing basically loads of gorge clothes we wanna own.


Eugh. How long til we can either just be you or steal your entire wardrobe, Henderz? She also did a bit of singing, which was nice.



There's more where that came from. Clickety click...  




As if being Celeb BB champ and BFFs with Nicole Zingerburger wasn’t enough, Rylan decided to bring some glam to proceedings. We reckon the smoke’s some kind of hair product-related accident. DROP. US. AHT!


Check out the hand gestures. This guy means business *snaps fingers* *struts off*. Speidi were probably there or something.


But there was one man the world (or Manchester) was waiting for. You wanna see him, don't you? CLICK. GO ON...




It's, ahem, *X Factor voice* JAMESSSS ARTHURRRR.


Jimmy performed his version of Sexy And I Know It with some rather scantily clad ladies, and looked pretty fit in the process. Do you reckon Caroline Flack’s jeal?

He’s still a serious musician and stuff though. He has his gee-tar.

Oh, and Christopher Maloney was also there if that kinda thing floats your boat.

The finalists even came together to perform Beautiful Day at the end of the show, complete with LOTS of popstar air-grabbing and holding hands under confetti. Awww.

And that’s your lot! We don’t half treat you, don’t we?

Are you off to the tour? If so let us know how it was – it looks bloody amazing.

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