As weird as the combination may be, it seems that Taylor Swift's plea for wanting to 'live more quietly' has slightly failed on her part as she has now signed a new deal to promote Diet Coke.

The millions of dollars she makes from her music probably don't quite stretch to a soft-drinks budget, but Luckily for Swizzle she should be getting free fizzy pop for life.

Taylor Swift signs deal with Diet Coke

In a video uploaded on her official website, T-Swizzle announced that she wanted 'share some news' with her fans, because 'we're actually going to be making it official with one of the great loves of my life" (which left us thinking OH EM GEE Harry and Tay Tay are back together what shall we wear to wedding etc).

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She then proceeded to end the sentence ended with '- Diet Coke.'

She told her fans to join Diet Coke's Facebook page, which will have all the backstage information from the collaboration. The brand will also be involved in her forthcoming tour; does that mean we'll all get soft drinks thrown at us during the show? If so we're COMING.

Now here's the awkward turtle moment - One Direction's Hazza (as in, EX BF HAZZA) also previously signed a rather expensive deal with a soft drink's company - Diet Coke rivals, Pepsi. Ohhh, this is more complex that we first thought.

What do you think of this collaboration? Comments!

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