Can you IMAGINE living the life of Lindsay Lohan? So much dramz, so little time.

Hard as it is to believe, it's actually been almost a year since La Lohan was last in court (SUCH an angel), and this time she's been at a Californ-i-a hearing over her car crash last summer.

Now, if we were Linds we reckon we'd be pretty scared at the thought of appearing in court with loads of important serious people (it was bad enough when we accidentally stole a chocolate bar on Tesco self-service that time), but this girl ain't fazed by it. No siree. In fact, we'd go as far as saying she looks pretty bloody bored.

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Since she was supposed to be under strict house arrest at the time of last year's car crash, LiLo's now been threatened with a jail AGAIN for breach of her probation rules. We can't keep up. How do you reckon she's feeling? Suicidal? Depressed? Like, really really sorry?


OF COURSE NOT. It's Lindsay Lohan. She's probably daydreaming about Max George's bod or wondering what to have for dinner or something.

What do you think Linds is pondering as her life crashes before our very eyes? WE MISS THE CADY HERON YEARS.

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