We're usually rather fond of Mischa Barton's fashion choices - she opened a boutique in London last year and is frequently seen strutting around looking pretty flashy. However, we had to double-take when we saw her wearing this strange concoction last night. Errr..what.

Mischa Barton outfit Ivy Club

Leaving the Ivy Club, London in the early hours of the morning, Mischa opted for a rather strange looking beige "thing" (we say thing, as we're not quite sure what it is ourselves: is it a seperate skirt and top? Is it a coat? WE JUST DON'T KNOW) with fur trimmings and base.

She teamed it with some black buckled brogues and a dark brown scarf to keep out the cold. But the coat thing...THE COAT THING.

Mischa Barton Ivy Club

Yes Misch, we all know it's a bit nippy at the mo, but is all that fur really necessary? Kudos for the red lippie though, we're loving that.

What do you think of Mischa's outfit? Would you dare to wear?

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