Okay so we're obvs gonna have TONNES of One Direction BRITS pics to share with y'all, but we just had to let you know that the boys are ACTUALLY THERE and it's officially happening. 5 fitties on one very red carpet. Oh Gahd. Somebody help us.

Here's 3 of them, anyways...

one direction

Things we can take from this picture:

1. Liam has a *hint* of hair again. This is very good news.

2. Louis' quiff is looking at its sassiest.

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3. Niall's new teeth are bloody beautiful.

4. Liam has some kind of crazy dragonfly-like insect on his suit. Move over, Orange Beanie, Payne's just upped the fashion stakes.

Here it is again, for the hell of it. Don't ask questions, just witness the fitness.

What do you think of the lads being all smart and stuff? Keep it locked for more 1D-arrival-amazingness, our little Sugarmuffins. 

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Images: Twitter

What do you think?