After ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez recently admitted on US telly show David Letterman that she'd made Justin Bieber cry once upon a time, it's hardly surprising he's on the lookout for love again. Yup, apparently his little buddy Mally the monkey isn't enough for the cold and lonely nights, so El Biebo's after a new gal to take Selena's place - and this time he has a checklist. Ooh.

While he was often spotted out and about with rumoured flame Ella-Paige Clark during his dramatic stay in London last month, The Biebz now apparently wants something more serious. And it turns out he's being quite particular in his quest for lurve.

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justin bieber

JB's been opening up to Teen Vogue about life post-Jelena, saying "I need a girl [who is] funny, who can make me laugh, who's, you know, beautiful on the inside and out. Someone who's intelligent, who can keep a good conversation - who has kissable lips.'' Bloody hell. You don't ask for much, do you Biebz? We're quite happy with someone who laughs at our Zayn Malik impression and takes us to the chippy.

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justin bieber

Meanwhile, Selena's being a little less coy and has been telling people to 'Come & Get It' with her new single. Come and get what, we're not exactly sure (the whole song isn't out yet OKAY?), but it probably means a box of tissues for all those times she's gonna make you cry or something.

What do you reckon? Do you match Justin's dream date criteria? GAH, it's like an episode of Take Me Out. We're half expecting Paddy McGuinness to just up and scream 'LET THE FRUSTRATED POPSTAR SEE THE PAPARAZZI'. Anyway, comments after this vid would be appreciated. Cheers.


Selena Gomez “left crying” after Justin Bieber hangs out with her ex, Nick Jonas

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