If you saw Britain's Got Talent on Saturday night, you'll know how bloody HILARIOUS AND AMAZING impressionist Francine Lewis was. Alesha Dixon loved her, David Walliams described her as "funny and beautiful", Amanda Holden was cackling away and even Simon Cowell (who was looking hot in those glasses again) was pretty blown away.

Yup, Francine's impressions of everyone from Cheryl Cole to Katie Price had everyone LOLing for ages. And we thought it was about time we caught up with her to a) tell her how incredible she is and b) get her to do an impression of us. Obvs.

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Francine Lewis

Oh, and we also wanted to know which celeb she'd most like to prank call, whether her and Nicole Scherzinger are actually the same person (have YOU ever seen them in the same room together? CONSPIRACY) and how to ruddy hell she manages to sound exactly like other people. Like...scarily so. Check out our chat below.

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