Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that far from wanting to leave Harry Potter well and truly in the past, he'd actually be well keen to reprise his role as the boy wizard - but only if there's a zimmerframe involved.

Yup. D-Rad admitted that he would always consider returning to the big screen as HP, telling The Daily Star: “I would never close the door on it.

Daniel Radcliffe

“We always used to joke about Harry Potter and The Zimmer Frame of Doom. I’d jump on board that”

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We can just imagine Harry, Ron and Hermione sitting around discuissing the good old days while fiddling with each other's hearing aids. In fact, we suggest JK get on it right now - perhaps there could even be an entire chapter about Draco Malfoy's hip replacement.

Harry Potter

What do you think about this news - would you like to see another Harry Potter book hit shelves, and another film hit cinemas?

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What do you think?