Just when we'd thought we'd heard, seen, read, and watched EVERYTHING there possibly was to know about Miley Cyrus and foam-finger-gate, yet another celeb adds their ruddy two cents. Seriously, we feel like we could twerk the whole thing from memory at this point. We won't, but we could - just FYI.

Anyway, in between all the hoohah, we'd somehow forgotten that we haven't really heard from the lady herself, apart from that weird interview where she said she only got 45 minutes of sleep a night, poor lamb. She's such a shy, retiring girl, that Miley, and she's kept seriously schtum on the whole affair, that is UNTIL NOW. Oh yes, the Cyrus has finally broken her silence over the whole sorry shebang. Her response? That, like World War Two and the sinking of the Titanic, her performance with Robin Thicke will go down in history.

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Chatting to MTV, who've been filming a documentary about her, she explained: "[I] don't pay attention to the negative, because I've seen this play out so many times."

Just as we shrieked in horror at the thought of there being OTHERS who had donned an apricot leotard and rubbed their lady parts with a foam finger live on telly, the Cyrus explained that she was actually referring to Madonna and Britney Spears. Huh.

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Though we're pretty sure that Madge and Brit-Brit's snog at the 2003 VMA's was positively Disney rated compared to Miley's antics, we do get her point. Kinda.

She also claimed to be 'amazed' that we were all making such a ruddy fuss over the whole thing, saying: "You're thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it. I didn't even think about it 'cause that's just me." 

So, there you have it: she was QUITE LITERALLY just being Miley.

Well, that's that, then. Whilst we can't quite imagine the performance making the Year 9 national curriculum any time soon, we equally can't deny that the sight of Miley's rear end all up on el Thicko's crotch is an image that won't be quickly erased from our minds.

What do you make of Miley's explanation? Do you think her antics are history making stuff?

Comments below please.

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