Justin Bieber to retire after 'Journals' album?: 'I'm gonna quit music'

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It's probably fair to say Justin Bieber's achieved quite a lot by the tender age of 19, innit? Two movies, three albums, approximately 385 paparazzi scuffles. Our greatest achievement by that age was deciding whether we preferred Boyfriend or Baby. But while we can't actually imagine life without our fave little snapback-wearing sausage muffin, it seems he's had enough and plans on having a break. Forever.

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El Biebo's claimed he's ACTUALLY RETIRING after this whole Journals album business is out of the way, saying that he's probably gonna 'quit music' before he's even turned bloody 20. Gah, say it ain't so.

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Chatting to Power 106 FM is a WELL MANLY VOICE, Justin said: "This new album, er, I'm actually...I'm retiring, man. I'm retiring, yeah. I think I'm probably gonna quit music." Well we think Scooter Braun might have something to say about that, babes. But fair enough.

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Now hopefully by 'I'm retiring' he means it in the Lily Allen 'I'm-never-doing-music-again-oh-no-wait-here's-my-new-single' way as opposed to our Grandad's 'off-to-live-it-up-in-Benidorm-laters-mate' way, but you never know.

Check out JB's oh-so-emotional revelation below. Agh.

Can't cope.

What d'ya reckon? *Is* Justin gonna retire? It's a bit soon for a Greatest Hits really, innit? Comments after this vid, please.



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