One Direction sound glorious performing 'Midnight Memories' during the X Factor USA final - watch

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If these past few weeks are anything to go by, it seems that a big TV finale isn't really a finale without One Direction popping up and performing - you've got to hand it to Simon Cowell, he knows how to get us watching.

But while we'd barely recovered from their X Factor UK gig complete with Harry Styles' dangly earring of joy, now the lads have returned to the American equivalent for an incredible rendition of their newest song Midnight Memories. And it was GLORIOUS.

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One Direction perform Midnight Memories on the X Factor USA final - One Direction images - 

Yep, the boys ditched the smart attire they rocked for their Story of My Life promo and opted for a much edgier look to match the song that pretty much makes us want to stroll up to that lad we've fancied for ages and snog his face off. MIDNIGHT MEMORIES IS DANGEROUS TO OUR HEALTH, OK.

But as if making our ovaries turn to jelly with their beautiful faces wasn't enough, we also had to deal with the fact that they all sounded ten different kinds of amazing. The harmonies, the solos, everything. All of it. Amazing.

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And special shout out to the subtle lyric changes such as '5 foot something with the leather sleeves' - it might not be as obvious as skinny jeans, but hey, it's got us browsing the high street ferociously for something that makes us meet the Paynis' requirements.


Agh, we think this will go splendidly with our 50 mince pies for breakfast. 

What did you think 1D's performance last night though? Were you dancing along like Demi or did you keep singing Pour Some Sugar on Me by accident? Comments after this vid please...


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