The Top Music Moments of 2013 revealed, and Taylor Swift telling 1D to STFU beats their This Is Us movie release. Hmmm.

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It’s been a rather cracking year for amazing music moments, dontcha think? So much has happened over the last 12 months that we barely know where to start when it comes to remembering our highlights, so it’s a good job someone else has done the job for us, innit?

A poll created by Blinkbox music has seen people voting for their ultimate musical moment of 2013, and while there’s some right corkers in the top 20, we’re not quite sure we agree with the final results. They’re a bit, err.... strange.

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So taking the top spot were the Rolling Stones headlining Glastonbury, followed by the death of legend Lou Reed, and coming in third was David Bowie’s comeback album. Now that all the old folks’ stuff is out the way, things start to get INTERESTING.

So at number 4 land the undefeatable force that is McBusted, probably helped by their science defying human pyramid formation. Even though it’s been probably the most talked about topic of the year, Miley’s twerking habits only took 7th place, and JLS TRAGICALLY splitting came in at 9th position.

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Miley Cyrus

Now, correct is if we’re wrong, but the musical PHENOMENON of the year has undoutedly been One Direction, but weirdly the lads only charted at number 20 for the release of their film, This Is Us. We think this is what they call a travesty...

The only other appearance that they made was via the moment Taylor Swift allegedly told them to shut the f**k up at the MTV Awards. Oh this never gets old.

We’d have put that at #1 personally. Closely followed by when she looked disgusted at Justin Bieber.

Taylor Swift

According to this crazy poll, The Big Reunion tour was bigger than Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, Will Smith on The Graham Norton Show was bigger than Beyonce at the Superbowl, and Jay Z taking the tube was bigger than This Is Us. Was this poll taken by hamsters?

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1. Rolling Stones headline Glastonbury
2. Death of Lou Reed
3. David Bowie comeback album
4. McFly and Busted form McBusted
5. Adele wins Oscar for Skyfall
6. Prince William sings with Jon Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift
7. Miley Cyrus twerks at the MTV VMAs
8. Eminem’s comeback album
9. JLS announce they are breaking up
10. The Big Reunion tour
11. Beyonce releases a surprise album
12. The Blurred Lines video
13. Emeli Sande named UK’s biggest selling album artist for the second consecutive year
14. Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro appear on The Graham Norton Show
15. Daft Punk’s Get Lucky reigns over summer
16. Jay Z rides the London Underground
17. Beyonce’s performance at the Superbowl
18. Metallica play a special gig in Antarctica
19. Taylor Swift has a dig at Harry Styles as he collects MTV award
20. One Direction’s movie

What do you reckon to these rather cerrrazy results on the Music Moments of the Year? What was your personal highlight of 2013 in the music industry? Leave us a comment and let us know, you lovely lot.

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