Ed Sheeran teases big announcement next week. AGH.

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When these popstars do the whole teasing announcements thing, our imaginations go into overdrive. Conversation around the office tends to be along the lines of 'Ooh, what could Union J be announcing? A NAKED WORLD TOUR?', 'One Direction are blates going into underwear modelling' and 'Oh dear gahd please say Justin Bieber's allergic to clothing'. So you can imagine how excited we are the bloomin' ED SHEERAN's got some big news planned for us next week.

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Yup - ol' gingermop's taken to Twitter to announce an...erm...announcement on January 6th, and we're gonna need one of you on hand to put the phone on hold, another to shut the front door and a third person to hold us.

Ed Sheeran - Ed Sheeran images - sugarscape.com

Image: Instagram

El Sheerzo got himself on everyone's fave social networking site to say, quite matter-of-factly: "Announcement coming January 6th."

So what can we take from this crypic message, then? Well let's break it down a bit:

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  • There's an announcement coming on January 6th.
  • That's it.

Now obviously we don't know what this announcement *is* yet, but we're hoping it's some new tunes. It's gotta be, right? It's been bloody FOREVER since we first had the + album in and around our ears and, to be honest, we're getting a bit fidgety.

Ed Sheeran teases announcement - Ed Sheeran images - sugarscape.com

Image: Instagram

So yeah, start fangirling right aboutttt...NOW. What d'ya think? Any ideas what the announcement could be? Comments please, you lot.



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