X Factor winner Sam Bailey's support spot on Beyoncé tour slashed over 'conflicting schedules'?

When it was announced on the X Factor that the winner of the series would get to support Beyoncé on the UK leg of her next tour - which is now ten million times more awesome thanks to her surprise visual album drop - we were all pretty much in agreement... That was the greatest prize EVER.

But now that Sam Bailey's gone and won the whole thing (primarily thanks to our mum's voting obsession, we reckon), there's been a bit of a bloody mix-up, because her support slot with Queen Bey has been majorly slashed, and it's all thanks to the X Factor live tour.

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X Factor winner Sam Bailey's tour spot with Beyonce slashed over 'conflicting schedules'? - Sam Bailey images - sugarscape.com

Yep, that's right. The X Factor *tour* is what's standing in the way of Sam singing before Beyoncé. LET'S JUST LET THAT SINK IN FOR A MINUTE.

And don't get us wrong, when we say it's been 'slashed', we mean that it's been annihilated. S-Bails was meant to be appearing at 10 of Bey's UK shows, and now she's down to just one. ONE. In Birmingham - and considering it's thought that Sam would be making around £10,000 per show, this probably isn't the best news she's ever heard. 

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An insider's told the Daily Star: "Sam was expected to rake in a lot of money from this. But the X Factor live tour has ruined that. Touring with Beyoncé was meant to be one of the big perks of winning X Factor. But now she's just doing one date.

"Sam is worried it could all be over by this time next year. So she was hoping to bank as much money as possible, as early as possible."

X Factor winner Sam Bailey's tour spot with Beyonce slashed over 'conflicting schedules'? - Beyonce images - sugarscape.com

We don't mean to be dramatic, but if we were Sam we'd probably tell Simon Cowell to shove his poxy tour where the sun don't shine - IT'S BLOODY BEYONCÉ YOU FOOL.

Agh, well this is all a bit mad, don't ya think? Do you think it's right that Sam misses her Queen Bey tour for her X Factor commitments? Reckon Simon Cowell needs to tighten up his schedule planning? Comments please...

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