Katy Perry and Robin Thicke added to 2014 Grammys performance line-up alongside Lorde, Daft Punk and more

Gah - it's pretty much award season again already. And you know what that means, don'tcha? Loads of uhmazing dresses to perv over, loads of fit men in suits to perv over, awks glances from sore losers and even more awks glances whenever Miley Cyrus does anything. at. all.

Now what with the Grammys being a pretty sophisticated affair, we were pretty confident the words 'twerking', 'foam' and 'latex' wouldn't even get muttered this year. Until now...'cause bloomin' Robin Thicke's only been added to the line-up of performers alongside Katy Perry. Ooh.

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Robin Thicke and Katy Perry added to Grammys 2014 line-up - Robin Thicke and Katy Perry images - sugarscape.com

Yup - yesterday Lorde was officially confirmed to do her thang at the big music-y awards bash, and now #Thicke and K-Pezza will be joining her. All a bit exciting, no? And as if that wasn't enough, the January 26th ceremony will also see Daft Punk team up with Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams *and* actual Stevie Wonder. And there was us thinking McBusted were the only supergroup in town. PAH.

Lorde - Lorde images - sugarscape.com

Whaddaya think? Excited for the awards? Who d'ya reckon's gonna go home with a gong? Comments please and a-thank you.

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