Ed Sheeran: 'There's no Taylor Swift duet on my new album'

Ever since Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran teamed up on Everything Has Changed for her Red album we've been secretly hoping they'll form a duo, call themselves Ted and become the new Same Difference. But alas, they're both 'individuals' and 'artists' with their own 'creative freedom', so we probs won't be getting another collab for a while. At least not on Ed's next album, anyways.

Yup - Ed's been yapping on about album number two loads lately, and now we know that - as well as bearign a striking resemblance to pizza - TayTay ain't gonna be on there. Nu-uh. Never ever.

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Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran - Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift images - sugarscape.com

Chatting to Capital FM about the possibility of another tune so soon, Eddy said: I didn't work with Taylor [Swift] on the album purely for the fact that we've done that already. "We've already done a song and I don't know if that would surprise anyone if that happened.

"We've always going to perform together, we're always going to write together [and] we're always going to hang out. I just felt for this record I wanted to make a record that would surprise people and keep them intrigued."

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Ed Sheeran - Ed Sheeran images - sugarscape.com

The Ginger One continued: "I've already done a song with Taylor within the last two years so I don't know if anyone would be too shocked by that." Nah, we're not really babes. And we're still WELL EXCITED, just for the record.

What d'ya reckon? Reckon the pair will hook up again in the future? Comments please xoxo

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