Twenty Twenty announce reasons behind split - official statement

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There's been some confusion over the future of band Twenty Twenty over the past few weeks. Now Sam and Jack Halliday have released an official statement confirming the split, and elaborating on the reasons behind the decision.

It reads:

"There’s been a lot of confusion surrounding the current situation with Twenty Twenty and we feel you deserve and explamation as to why we will no longer be continuing as a band and what has been happening behind the scenes.

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"We feel that we have been made out to be the bad guys since Sonny [Watson-Lang] departed from the band six months ago and in no way is this statement trying to change your opinion on that, but if you have a minute or two to read on you will realise that the matter is far more complicated than what you may have read on social media.

"Ultimately, the undoing of this band is down to some bad contracts we signed with our production company all those years ago - and as the band progressed through 2011 it became very clear that our best interests were no longer at heart and bad decisions were being made on our behalf.

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"With no future plans in the pipeline following a breakdown in a professional and personal relationship, we felt it was time to part ways with them. Despite our best efforts to terminate the contracts, the production company have been difficult and have had no trouble reminding us that, legally, we weren’t allowed to sign into any new deals.

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"We were bound by contracts with people that weren’t working with us, it was unprofessional and began taking its toll on relationships within the band.

"For those of you who don’t know, Sonny’s father runs the production company, which adds a new perspective to the ongoing saga.

"When the group started, the three of us signed into an agreement with each other that meant no band activities could take place without all three of us being happy about it; what’s known as unanimous decisions.

"Little did we know that this clause was about to backfire on the two of us due to a conflict of interest within the group. Some great opportunities arose in 2013; an independent record deal, licensing and touring opportunities across the world. It was exciting, but sadly for reasons now made clearer to you the whole band wasn’t prepared to move ahead with them, leaving Twenty Twenty in limbo.

"A difficult decision was now resting on our shoulders if the band had any future, and we would like to stress that despite it coming as a ‘surprise’ for some online, everyone involved in the matter was fully aware.

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"It is THE single most hardest thing we have EVER had to do, and was dealt with weeks before public announcement.

"A lot of you have asked, and are probably wondering why we didn’t start a new project or split up instead of the drama. Please step into our shoes for a minute. This band is like a child to us; we love it and would do anything to prevent it being taken from us without reason. It’s been our life for the last five years.

"With the production company still on our tails and legals through the roof, the last six months has been a mess and has caused too much heartache. It deeply upsets us to say that this is the end, but we hope this gives you more of an understanding about the situation.

"We completely understand there will be divided opinions, and possibly conflicting statements. Finally, we can’t apologise enough for everything that has happened, and only hope that you will continue to support us in our future musical endeavours.

"We want to thank anyone who has ever been involved with this band in some way or another. You have done more for us than you’ll ever know.

Sam & Jack"

Phew. What do you make of all this?

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