What One Direction would sound like without autotune: Hilarious parody of 'Story of My Life'

Having repeatedly listened to One Direction's albums and heard them show off their vocal wares on the X Factor, you might be quite surprised that even the cherub-faced five can have an off day. In fact maybe one of the biggest off days in the world, especially if this live version of Story of My Life is anything to go by.

One Direction without autotune - have a listen and a lol - Images - Sugarscape.com

Taking to the stage on Dancing With The Stars last year, we thought the lads sounded rather good. However on a second listen to the track with the backing taken down, things sound rather different.

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In fact Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn sound strangely unlike anything we've ever heard from them before. And then there's Louis, who seems to be having a few issues grasping the words to the song...

Liam and Zayn's voices in this are our EVERYTHING. Mainly as they sound like they are auditioning for a role on the Muppets. In Italy.

Now just skip back to about 2.30 and watch Harry's facial expressions all over again.


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