Ariana Grande cries on the GRAMMYs red carpet - Pic

We're used to seeing Ariana Grande sacheting along the red carpet as a confident little critter - ponytail a-swingin, cameras a-flashin' in what can only be described as a flurry of prom dress-based perfection. But as Ari hit last night's GRAMMY Awards Ari found it hard to keep her cool under the pressure of the much so she actually CRIED. Wah.

Yup - apparently Ariana was so overwhelmed by the whole thing she broke down a bit mid-red carpet, making us feel slightly better about sobbing in the middle of the supermarket the other day (they were out of double stuff Oreos, alright?)

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Ariana Grande cries on the GRAMMYs red carpet - Ariana Grande images -

One fan who apparently witnessed the incident took to Twitter to explain: "I first hand watched what happened. Ariana was happy and she went with the best confidence on the red carpet. She was doing good at first. But then the paps yelled really loud all wanting her to look at them. she can't listen to all of them at once and they kept ordering her around. She made one mistake by moving left a bit too quick and when she tried to move back she tripped. Eventually she got flustered and upset."

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And after still managing to look AMAZING despite the whole crying sitch, Ari posted on her Twittorrrr: "Thank youu... having supporters with attitudes like yours make it much easier. Gettin stronger tho gotta get used to it haha" [sic]. BLESS.

Ariana Grande cries on the GRAMMYs red carpet - Ariana Grande images -

What d'ya reckon? Would you have reacted like Ariana? We can safely say we would, considering we're actual emotional wrecks 85.3% of the time. Comments please...

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