The Vamps win MTV Brand New for 2014: 'We're honoured'

It's probably fair to say things are going pretty bloomin' well for The Vamps at the moment, innit? Not only are they currently doing their thang on Taylor Swift's Red tour after nabbing their second top 5 single, but now they've only bloody won the MTV Brand New for 2014 prize, haven't they?

Yup - fighting off stiff competition from the likes of Elyar Fox, BRITs Critics' Choice champ Sam Smith and Ella Eyre to be crowned pop's hottest new property. Awoo.

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The Vamps win MTV Brand New for 2014 - The Vamps images -

Even Banks, Royal Blood, George Ezra and Joel Compass couldn't beat our boys, and they're well chuffed about the whole thing. On their big win, Tristan Evans said: "We’re very lucky and we feel very humbled and honoured to win such an awesome competition we’ve been growing up with."

Brad Simpson added: "Yeah a big thank you to all our fans who voted for us, you’re all amazing – it’s a bit weird winning it when we’ve all grown up and seen the artists who have won it so thank you very much."

Gah - this is all a bit exciting, innit? CONGRATS BOYS.

What d'ya reckon? Proud of the lads? Reckon it's their first win of many? Comments please and a-thank you.

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