5 Seconds of Summer thank fans as 'She Looks So Perfect' EP pre-order tops UK iTunes album chart - Watch

Right, you lot - are you ready for all your mates to start telling you about this 'amazing new band called 5 Seconds of Summer or something' who 'apparently did that One Direction tour' over the next few weeks? 'Cause it's gonna happen. And it's gonna happen HARD.

Prepare yourselves, 5SOSFamily. Prepare yourselves for the onslaught. The lads' proper, real life debut single She Looks So Perfect has *already* hit number 1 on the UK iTunes chart on pre-orders alone. Basically, they're gonna be the biggest thing since Niall Horan's last Nando's order and it's all a bit exciting.

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5 Seconds of Summer thank fans - 5 Seconds of Summer images - sugarscape.com

Yup - She Looks So Perfect officially hit iTunes today and so far the EP's hit the top spot here in Blighty *and* 22 other countries, not to mention the 33 countries it's already troubled the top 10 in. Now we don't even know how many countries there are, but we reckon that's probably a lot of them.

And naturally - being the fit, selfless, caring, fit, lovable, fit lads they are - Ashton, Calum, Michael and Luke took to Instagram to thank their fans for all their support with the single. LOOK.

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Our bodies are literally not ready for this whole thing.

Meanwhile, some bright spark's decided to chuck what they reckon might be the track on YouTube. Unlucky, pal - it's actually Answerphone off of Nicholas McDonald. Nice try, though.

What d'ya reckon, then? Excited to hear the boys' single? OF COURSE YOU BLOODY ARE. Comments please...

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Images: 5SOS/Instagram

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