Justin Bieber-inspired yoga class launched by fan in Canada, featuring his 'sweet vocals and hip beats'

Of all the things that Justin Bieber makes people wanna do, we’d probably never have guessed that the Downward Facing Dog would be one of them, but apparently when it comes to yoga, el Biebo is a bit of an inspiration. We’re gonna guess it’s the hip wiggles.

A Toronto mother and self-proclaimed ‘shameless Belieber’ has launched the awesomely titled ‘yogaBiebs’, a yoga class which she describes as ‘set to the sweet vocals and hip beats of Justin Bieber’. Sign us up NOW.

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Justin Bieber

Considering we do exercise once a year (even that’s pushing it to be honest), even we reckon Rosanne McCollum’s classes sound pretty awesome. SHe explained to HuffPost Canada Music: "A lot of the songs are from 'Journals’."

"Like 'One Life,' which has a very slow groove and it's very ethereal, and 'Bad Day,' which has rhythm. I don't want to give away all my secrets."

We’ve never heard Justin’s songs be described as ethereal before, but we LIKE IT. Although we’re a bit gutted that there won’t be any ‘Baby, baby baby BREEEEATHE’ or ‘One less flexible girllllll’.

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She was quick to make sure that people don’t think she’s just jumping on the bandwagon with all of Justin’s bad press recently. Rosanna revealed: "It's something that I've wanted to do for a long time and I know that there are fans, especially for the younger fans, for teenagers getting into yoga.”

Justin Bieber

The only way that this idea could be better would be if it was taught by Biebo himself, in a very tight Call On Me style pink leotard. We reckon he does an impressive One Legged King Pigeon Pose. Yup, that’s a real yoga move apparently.

Whaddya think of the Bieber-inspired yoga class? Does it sound like something you’d get involved with? Let us know your verdict in the comments box.

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