One Direction ship themselves ('cause they're on a boat) in Part 3 of Midnight Memories behind the scenes video - WATCH

If you keep walking into your kitchen expecting it to be crowded, wondering why your mum doesn’t drive an Addison Lee, and constantly wearing your skinny jeans while being 5 foot something, the chances are you’ve watched the Midnight Memories music video a couple too many times.

Or at least that's what our mum keeps saying. We don't believe it for a SECOND, but just before you start deciding to strictly eat kebab meat from now on a la Niall Horan, you might want to mix things up a bit and give the new behind the scenes vid a watch instead. Yup Part 3 has landed and it’s the stuff of dreams.

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Midnight Memories

Things kick off with Luigi rubbing his hands together while dreaming of a warm cup of strong Yorkshire tea.

Midnight Memories

Nialler’s quiff game is particularly strong but looks well confused at his instructions to 'Look over there and run'. Pretty complicated to be fair.

Midnight Memories


Midnight Memories

We almost choked on our own spit at this lovely little shot of Harry and his dimples of joy.

Midnight Memories

Zayn has a good sniff of Liam's neck, while the Paynis does his very best 'Batman on a boat' impression. Manly.

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Midnight Memories

And then an equally accurate impression of our exact reaction to this Behind The Scenes sneaky peek. Shockingly accurate, actually. HERE YOU GO.

Discovered a new love for lads that cause mischief on a boat? SHIPPING them particularly hard? Sorry, it’s the only boat pun we could think of. Leave us loads of 1D lurve in the comments box.

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