Little Mix sexy dance for Perrie Edwards - Watch and LOL

Here at Sugarscape, we like to think we can be defined by a few key talents. Firstly, we're expert boyband-looker-atters. Secondly, our snacking skills are second to none, with us able to name 45 different types of cheese from smell alone. And the third? We're SEXY DANCE SUPREMOS, obvs. Er...yeah. But wait - what's this, eh? It's only the bloody Little Mix ladies coming for our Seductive Funky Chicken™ crown. Oh hellll no.

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Now obviously we all know the girls are quite the movers themselves, and they decided to get all up in Perrie Edwards' grill backstage in the U-S-of-A - much to her delight. It's sort of like when the Dreamboys popped into the office last week, just with less on the baby oil front.

Little Mix sexy dance for Perrie Edwards - Little Mix images -

Jesy, Jade and Leigh-Anne chucked a vid of themselves grinding, winding and p*ssy-poppin' all over the shop on Instagram, and their 'sexy dance' is sort of what we imagine goes on behind-the-scenes whenever Zerrie see each other. With Zayn Malik in a polka dot bikini.

Check out the girls' rather hilarious vid below.


Whaddaya make of the gals' moves? Gonna be attempting to recreate these like you did the Move choreo? Comments please.

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Images: Instagram

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