Elyar Fox premieres his new single 'A Billion Girls' - Listen

So you know how Elyar Fox's last single was called Do It All Over Again? Well we did it - over and over and *over* again. To the point where our mum almost chucked us out of the house for good and our dad invested in some noise cancelling headphones.

Well now we can lay off that one for a bit, 'cause El's just chucked his brand spankin' new tune A Billion Girls in the direction of our eardrums. OH THANK YOU GAHD.

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Elyar Fox A Billion Girls single - Elyar Fox images - sugarscape.com

Elyar's *finally* unveiled a little snippet-y thing of the track on that internet thing everyone seems to be loving at the moment, and it sort of sounds a bit like Pharrell Williams and Conor Maynard have had a mud wrestle, sprinkle themselves with glitter and chucked in a lyric about Rihanna.

Check it out below, yo.

Incredible. If a little factually incorrect.

What d'ya reckon, then? Loving the tune? Better than Do It All Over Again? Comments puhlease.

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