Cher Lloyd finally announces new single 'Sirens' and 'Sorry I'm Late' album release date

Here at Sugarscape we've wanted Cher Lloyd back since pretty much the second she hopped off a plane at LAX on her big Stateside mission. So much so, in fact, that we've been spontaneously doing the ridiculous 'UGH' noise at the most inconvenient of times. And now - one marriage, one record label shift and one new pair of nashers later - Cher's *finally* announced her new single Sirens and actual album release date.

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Yup - Sorry I'm Late was supposed to be in and around our ears last November before big record label-y type L.A. Reid shoved it back for our fave former brat to 'find that magic' - and now it turns out we're actually getting said magic in May. HOORAY.

Cher Lloyd announces new single Sirens and Sorry I'm Late album release date - Cher Lloyd images -

Last we heard from Cher she'd been hanging out in a kitchen with T.I. in I Wish and doing interviews with Larry King saying she was a bit pissed off about the whole delay debacle, but yesterday she took to Twitter to say: "I’m so excited to announce that my new album "Sorry I'm Late" will be released 5/27, but that’s not all… #SorryImLate." Now obviously '5/27' is all a bit American but this one has to come out over here, right? Otherwise we're chaining ourselves to the desk with Swagger Jagger on repeat in protest until somebody listens.

Oh, and as if that wasn't exciting enough, Cher's shiny new single Sirens is gonna premiere on March 14th on Sirius XM Hits 1. CANNOT COPE.

Cher Lloyd announces new album Sorry I'm Late release date - Cher Lloyd images -

Image: Instagram

What d'ya reckon, then? Excited for new Cher? Comments please, peeps.

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