Cher Lloyd premieres ridiculously amazing new single 'Sirens' - Listen

Cher Lloyd might've taken approximately a gazillion years to get this whole Sorry I'm Late album malarky finished, but all is forgiven. Seriously - everything. The Swagger Jagger Lego jacket, the inclusion of bloody Astro on Want U Back and the fact the Demi Lovato collab was never released. Why? 'Cause she's *finally* premiered her shiny new single Sirens on SiriusXM Hits 1 in that there America, and it's quite incredible indeed.

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Yup - if you're expecting any 'UGH' noises or demands for us to 'get on the floooaaarr,' think again. Cher's gone all Kelly Clarkson/Demi #BANGERBALLAD on our asses, and our eardrums just let out a little yelp of joy.

Cher Lloyd Sirens premiere - Cher Lloyd images -

Listen up, Brats - your queen is back and she's saying amazing things like:

  • 'I am tired, I'm growing older. I'm getting weaker every day'
  • 'Lay down here beside me in the shallow water'
  • Something about the sirens calling.

Let's just stop pretending we're #propermusicjournos and listen to it, shall we?

10/10, CRYING etc. etc.

What d'ya make of the track, then? Excited for Cher to get back over to the UK? Comments please. After we've listened to Matt Richardson fangirling over her a bit.

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