EXCLUSIVE announcement from The Janoskians: 'We've partnered with Republic Records'

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Now then, Janoskianators. If you've been anywhere near Twitter lately, you can't have missed our buddy Beau Brooks teasing a special little secret we've had up our sleeves. Yup - our fave Aussie fivesome The Janoskians have a *big* announcement to make. Bigger than all the Brooks brothers' biceps combined, bigger than Skip's selfie collection and even bigger than James's...yeah.

So what do you lot reckon it is, then? 

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Close but no cigar, babes. 

Nu-uh, honey.

You ready to be put out of your misery now? Well slap us with a shrimp, chuck us on the barbie and call us Sheila, 'cause the boys have only gone and PARTNERED WITH REPUBLIC RECORDS. Agh.

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The Janoskians - The Janoskians images - sugarscape.com

Yup - our fave non-boyband are now officially, like, proper popstars. And d'ya know what we did to celebrate? We only went and called up James and Beau for a quick over-the-phone fangirling sesh, didn't we? HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED.

Right, James. You lot have got some pretty exciting news for us, haven't you?

James: We have - we've just signed a new deal with Republic Records and we're super excited about it.

AGH AMAZING. How did you actually manage to keep it a secret? Everyone on Twitter's been going a littttle bit insane...

James: Do you know what? It's been so hard but the reason we've been keeping it secret is just 'cause we wanted to make sure everything was right.

So you know how when some bands get deals they go a bit poncey and polished? That's not gonna happen to you lot, right?

James: Nah, that's not gonna happen. The reason we teamed up with Republic is 'cause they get us - they get what we're about.

Yeah cause, like, you're the guys off YouTube who dick around...

James: Exactly. We're just gonna keep doing what we're doing, keeping the whole comedy side of it - we're not gonna be bleeping out the swear words or anything to please the radios.

The Janoskians - The Janoskians images - sugarscape.com

YES BOYS, that's what we like to hear. Now you've been teasing loads of new videos on Twitter *and* you're releasing tunes under this '#notasingle' thing - can you tell us what that's all about?

Beau: We're giving nothing away, haha. That's what you want, isn't it?

Are you gonna pull a Beyoncé and chuck out 17 vids at once?

Beau: F*ck 17, we're releasing 30 at once.

Amazing. Now obviously the first Republic stuff we're gonna hear from you is these #notasingle tracks - but what are James and Beau's tips on how to #notbeasingle?

James: Right, first you've gotta make sure you shower...

Beau: Yep, you've gotta stay clean and you've gotta change your pants. No skids.


Beau: Haha. Then you've gotta make sure you're wearing deoderant.

James: Yep, and also if you like someone just tell them.

Love it. And now you're labelmates with some pretty cool people - Austin Mahone, Ariana Grande - do you reckon you'll collaborate with any of them?

Beau: Yeah there are loads of people on the label - some cool, some not so cool. Austin Mahone's a pretty sick guy.

The Janoskians - The Janoskians images - sugarscape.com

FIve words on what Janosks can expect from the new stuff

We're not a f*cking boyband.


So there you have it - the secret's *finally* out. What d'ya reckon? Excited to hear the lads' #notasingle not-singles? Comments and congrats below, please.

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