In a turn of events that may sound a little more like some sort of fan fiction than real life, it turns out that there's a link between Ariana Grande and Harry Styles. No, not in a romantic smoochy way, but a totally above board, professional way after reports that she's recorded a song written by the One Direction hottie for her brand new album.

Somewhere in between brewing up a new perfume, rehearsing for the whopper of a Where We Are tour and letting his hair grow all the way down to his bum, Harold has been hitting the studio over in LA. Aside from writing some hits for the new 1D album, he's apparently had a bit of spare time and has written a track that Ariana's now recorded, for what presumably could be a slot on her new album.

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Yep, according to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP - which let's be honest, is frankly the world's greatest abbrev), which keep lists of all songs copyrighted and recorded over in the US, Harry is listed as the co-author of new track A Little Bit of My Heart alongside songwriter Johan Carlsson. That's not it though and the performer credited on the track just so happens to be Ariana.

But that's not the only interesting thing and there are a LOAD of songs listed as written by Harry on there that we've never heard of and as yert aren't linked with a performer, with titles including Kissed You In The Rain, I Fell In Love With A Beautiful Girl, Love You Like You're Leaving and Might Not Want You.

We don't know about you, but we're BLOODY EXCITED for a listen to this Harry and Ari track. Mainly as with Harry's adorable attitude and Ariana's whopping vocals, it's blatantly going to be the stuff of musical magic.

What do you reckon - want to see this collab happen?

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