Chris Brown teases Ariana Grande collaboration 'Don't Be Gone Too Long' with one take dance video - Watch

Okay, so here's the deal - we weren't *particularly* over the moon when we first heard the news Ariana Grande was doing a duet with Chris Brown, but to be honest it's happening now so there isn't much we can do about it. And we like to think we know a good tune when we hear one which is why, despite everything, we're bloody LOVING the sound of Don't Be Gone Too Long.

Yup - the track's been delayed a bit 'cause of Breezy's whole jail sentence debacle, but there's now a sneaky teaser on the interweb and it's sounding delicious.

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Chris Brown and Ariana Grande Don't Be Gone Too Long music video - Chris Brown and Ariana Grande images -

Don't Be Gone Too Long's sort of in 'totes emosh clubland classic' territory (one of those songs you'd dance and cry to at the same time), and as sceptical as we were Chris and Ari actually sound flawless together. Oh hey, new summer smash. Also, we're loving the dance vid thinhamajig that goes with it.

Check out the (chorus of the) tune below.

Actually love it.

What d'ya reckon? Liking the sound of the track? Comments please...

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