Rixton perform 'Me and My Broken Heart' on The Voice US - Watch

They might be about to blow up in the UK any moment now, but until then Scooter Braun's succulent little sausages Rixton are busy doin' it for the Brits and becoming the biggest thing since Ariana Grande's barnet.

Yup - Jake, Charley, Lewi and Danny took to the stage on The Voice the other night to treat our pals across the pond to a performance of their insanely catchy debut single Me and My Broken Heart. And they brought some massive letters with them. Hooray.

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Rixton Me and My Broken Heart - Rixton images - sugarscape.com

Up to their usual antics of standing about being ridiculously fit and doing the whole very talented musician thing, the lads won over loads of new fans with the big prime time telly slot. Not from the US? Not a problem, babes. The wonders of the internet mean you can have it in and around your eyes, too. THANK YOU WORLD.

Here you go.

Love it.

What d'ya reckon? A little bit obsessed with the tune? Excited for the imminent UK TAKEOVER? Comments puhlease.

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