Hilary Duff on her actual Ed Sheeran collaboration: 'It's got an indie pop vibe'

Ed Sheeran's collaborated with some cool critters in the past, hasn't he? Whether it's Elton John, Pharrell Williams or Taylor Swift - he's basically BFFs with pop royalty. But it seems Ed's career's about to reach new highs as he makes literally all of our dreams come true. Why? Because he's been working with bloody Hilary Duff, that's why. Actual, real life Hilary Duff. ED SHEERAN AND LIZZIE MCGUIRE ARE DOING A SONG TOGETHER ARE YOU NOT READING WHAT WE'RE SAYING.

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Yep - in what could potentially be the best news we've ever heard, Ed's written a track for Hilary's big comeback, and we're praying it's like a mash-up of So Yesterday and Sing.

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Having a chinwag with MTV and instantly making the world a better place in the process, Hils spilled: "I'm cutting an Ed Sheeran song next week, which I'm reallly excited about." By 'cutting' we presume she means recording, as opposed to taking a pair of scissors to her Lego House single.

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Hilary continued to add that the tune has an 'earthy, indie-pop vibe,' so if you excuse us we'll be in the corner sobbing wondering what we've done to deserve such pop perfection.

Oh let's just watch this and appreciate this beautiful gift God's given us.

'If the light is off then it isn't on' - the lyric that touched Ed most, we'd imagine.

What d'ya reckon, then? Excited to hear the track? Comments please...

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