Little Mix tease album three: 'Expect a new single' - EXCLUSIVE

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Those lovely Little Mix gals might be off touring every inch the UK on the Salute tour at the moment, but they are already thinking about album number three. In between shows, they've been hitting the studio with the likes of Jessie J, Nicola Roberts and loads more producers, but being such perfectionists, they are yet to settle on a lead single.

Not that you need to worry, because either way there is a new song on its way and apparently it's coming sooner rather than later...

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"We haven’t really had too many sessions yet," Jessie told us when we met up for a chat with the girls this week. "We’ve had two with Jessie J, which was really fun, and a few with Nicola Roberts, but we haven’t had many because we’ve been so busy. We’re still in the beginning stages, trying to work out what we want to do and where we want to go with it."

"I think the thing with us is, when we hear it, we’ll know that that is the single, but we haven’t heard it yet," Leigh-Anne added.

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Either way, they are definitely looking to step things up with yet another progression of sound and Perrie added: “We’re always looking to better ourselves, because when we’re in the studio writing, we’ll hear a track and we’ll be buzzing and starting writing over it. But if we’re not feeling it, we move on and go for something else. Whereas if we’re with other writers, they want us to stick with it, but we know what we want, so we’re like, ‘Nah, we’re bored of this. We want to refresh our minds and do this or that.’

"I think we’re just such perfectionists. Even the people that we work with, the producers are like, ‘For f***s sake,’ when we’re like, ‘Can you take that beat out? Can you make that higher?’"

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"That’s the thing, from two albums now, we pretty much know what works for us and what doesn’t," Leigh-Anne explained. "So I think that’s why this third album is even harder now. We know what we want, it’s just getting it."

Jesy agrees with this and said: "Sometimes we literally start from scratch and that’s how the best things come about. That’s how we got Move – we actually created the beat with the producer when we were there and that was amazing. But sometimes we’ll go in and the producer will play us the beat and we just hate it and there’s no vibe for it," with Perrie adding:  "And then you’re stuck in the studio, like, ‘Ughhhhh.’

So when can we expect it to drop then?

"Just when it happens, really. We’re not going to force it, I think that’s when it can go wrong, when you don’t feel passionate about it," Jade said, with Leigh-Anne adding: "We’re thinking possibly the end of the year

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Perrie not so sure about that, adding: "Well if we don’t have any songs then it won’t be then."

"But do expect a new single," Leigh-Anne said, having a tease.

"It doesn’t exist yet, but it will! We’re working on it," Perrie added.

WE CANNOT WAIT. How about you?

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