Birdy debuts the video for The Fault in Our Stars song 'Not About Angels' - EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE

Just when you thought The Fault in Our Stars couldn't get any more heartbreaking, they've gone and got singer-songwriter Birdy involved with the soundtrack. But while you've probably already had a listen to the swoony tracks she wrote to compliment the film, we've got a bit of a treat in store, with the big premiere of the music video for beautiful track Not About Angels.

Joining Ed Sheeran, Charli XCX, GroupLove and loads more awesome artists on the soundtrack, Birdy's unleashed a whole load of feels with some big, emotional ballads and the shiny new video for Not About Angles is no different. Guaranteed to pull on the old heart strings, you might want to the tissues at the ready.

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You have been warned, but enough of all that - have a watch and see what you reckon below:

Ooh and ERR. Dangly paper stars are so the new glow in the dark stars, just FYI. But what do you make of all that then? Has it got you ready to weep your way through TFiOS?

Let us know in the box below...

The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack is out NOW. Go buy it, yeah?

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