Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson hit the studio together to record a 'beautiful' new duet. Agh.

When we toddled alongo to Justin Bieber's Believe tour last year, we basically got ourselves into a massive fangirly mess over the fact we were witnessing JB *and* Cody Simpson crotch-thrusting all over the shop in the space of about two hours.

And it seems ovaries everywhere are gonna face yet more torment pretty soon, 'cause everyone's favourite fit popstar pals have hit the studio to lay down some sick beats, spit some bars and all that musical marlarky on a 'beautiful' new tune. Hip hip and indeed hooray.

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Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson - Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson images - sugarscape.com

Being a massive Danielle Teaser on Twitter, Cody said: "chill studio session last night with @justinbieber. wrote a beautiful guitar track. able to relate when it comes to love & women. good sht!" [sic]. Okay, so 1) We're loving the whole #laddybants about 'love and women', 2) This means there's potential for 3-and-a-half minutes of shirtlessness in the video which is quite nice and 3) GET IN AND AROUND OUR EARS RIGHT NOW.

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Oh - loads of people reckon this could be a sneaky snippet of the tune in question, too. Might be, might not.

What d'ya reckon, then? Excited to have #Custin penetrating your little lugholes? Comments please, please.

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