McBusted support One Direction on the Where We Are tour in Denmark, and Niall Horan joins the human pyramid - PICS and VIDEO

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Last night we almost ate our own arms, mostly in excitement over the thought of McBusted joining the One Direction lads on the Where We Are tour in Denmark, and also partly frustration over the fact that we weren’t there to witness the magic. AGH.

Luckily a few selfless fans managed to record a few videos of their uhmazing performance as the 1D support act, and it looks like it was every bit as wonderful as we were expecting. But first, we need to have a chat about this very important moment:

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McBusted and Niall

Yup, secret fangirl Niall Horan has is now an honorary member of McBusted as he’s been given the privileged position as top of the human pyramid. Seeing as he’s probably a bit tired from all the nappy changing, Tom took it easy and went for the seductive base pose, while Dougie shifted down a spot and let Niall take it on top. Ooh-err, sounds a bit rudey.

Harry shared the snap on Instagram of the Horan-shaped addition to their lineup, and even let us know the official name of the latest supergroup on the scene - McBusterection. Yep, you read that right.

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We're a teeny weeny bit sad that there was no joint performance with all eleven boys, but we probably would have had an actual heart attack so maybe it's for the best.

Anyway, the McBusted boys got the crowds going with a load of their biggest hits like Five Colours, Year 3000 and Shine a Light, so shall we have a little look at the best bits? Here’s the six of ‘em arriving on stage in style with a casual bit of leap frogging.

How about a little vid of Danny rocking his socks off to Five Colours in jeans skinnier than an actual drainpipe? Dreamy.

Eh eh eh, shine a light on huuuuur. Harmonies on POINT.

Who wouldn’t want to witness Matt wearing a wedding dress while mounted by Dougie during Crashed The Wedding? It’s a beautiful sight.

And obviously, the one that everyone goes bloody NUTS over - Year 3000. AWOO, getcha Busted jumps out.

Probably the best thing to ever happen to us and we weren’t even there. Also, Dear 5SOS WE DO STILL MISS YOU DON’T WORRY. Can’t all three of you go on tour? Love Sugarscape.

What do you reckon to McBusterection? Hoping they team up for a whole tour next time? Yes to this. And while we’re all here, let’s watch this vid of the McBusted boys revealing their deepest, darkest secrets.

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