5SOS release debut album sampler - Listen

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Sometimes, if we hear Don't Stop on the radio or whatever, we just sit there and weep. As you guys are well aware we've been waiting for a 5SOS album for-literally-EVER, and it's *finally* frickin' happening. From that first time we caught them on One Direction's Take Me Home tour to the cute budget Blackpool Try Hard vid and She Looks So Perfect hitting number 1 - everything's been leading up to this moment.

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Now obviously we've already heard loads of tracks from the lads' self-titled debut 'record' - from the totes emosh Amnesia to chanty tune Good Girls - and now they've chucked a sampler of the whole bloody thing on the interweb. Oh good GAHD somebody hold us.

5SOS - 5SOS images - sugarscape.com

Bringing that proper punk rock sound straight into 2014, the boys' debut sounds like the lovechild of a strange Green Day, Busted, Blink-182 and McFly four-way orgy; pretty much the greatest compliment you could ever give an album, to be quite honest.

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Whether it's the super-cute Kiss Me, Good Charlotte-tinged 18 or any of the other bloomin' tracks for that matter you might wanna lubricate those lugholes and prepare yourself for what can only be described as a RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE. GO.

Genuinely slayed.

What d'ya reckon, eh? Excited to get your mitts on the whole album? Comments after this vid, please.


5SOS finally announce their self-titled debut album, unveil the fit cover and reveal release date and tracklisting. Hooray.

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