5 reasons why 5 Seconds of Summer's 'Amnesia' lyric video is the best thing ever

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Up until now, we’ve been used to seeing cerrrazy awesome music videos from the 5SOS boys, which involve either fat bearded blokes dancing in their undies, mental rollercoasters, or the lads prancing around in spandex tights. Delightful.

But their sparkly new lyric video for latest tune Amnesia sees 5 Seconds of Summer get all moody and mysterious in black and white to match the emotional track, and although watching it has sent us teetering on the edge of an actual breakdown, we've come up with five reasons why it's basically the best video of all time ever.

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1. Calum's shoulders.

Obviously starting with the most important reason. We reckon Hood-in-vest-ism might be our new religion, and if we watch this GIF for long enough, we're hoping it will burn into our retinas.


2. Being serenaded by Luke at the end.

We were actually doing quite well at holding back the tears until this bit happened, and then realistically we stood no chance at keeping it together, and the floodgates opened. We're off to build an ark to survive our river of tears.

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3. Mikey looking so rock and roll that it basically hurts.

We were already quite unstable thanks to the emosh lyrics, bedroom footage and moody lighting, but seeing Michael looking like an actual music God in his spikey-haired silhouette was all a bit much. LOVE YOU.

Ashton Irwin

4. Ashton looking GLORIOUS.

Well that's all we need to say about that, really. 5SOS member or actual fashion model? 94.6% of people get this question wrong.



Isn't it like, the best thing ever when videos include a few cryptic clues that only the most dedicated of fans will be able to find? Ash's bandana, Luke's penguin lamp, Cal's sweaty footie socks, Michael's gaming stuff, the fetus photos, foam finger hand on the floor...

TELL US ANYMORE THAT YOU FIND, we love this game. Whoever finds the most hidden bits and bobs wins a biscuit.

Ahh, shall we have another watch? Cry sob hiccup blub etc.

Probably never going to get over this one.

And of course, don't you forget to buy the ACTUAL 5 Seconds of Summer album as well, which you can get by clicking RIGHT HERE, innit. Nice one.

Which is your fave bit of the Amnesia video? Let us know in the comments below, and check out this particularly awesome vid seeing as you're here.


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