McBusted say new song they wrote with Niall Horan is so good they want it for themselves: 'It should be a One Direction single'

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One Direction and the McFly boys hitting the studio is basically the musical equivalent of a dozen pastel pink ponies galloping freely down a glittery, gold-paved street, isn't it? They just never fail to come up with the bloody goods. I Want? Penetrative ear canal perfection. I Would? Catchier than an STI. Don't Forget Where You Belong? ANTHEMIC.

So what with the 1D fellas working with everyone from The 1975's Matty Healy to the actual Madden brothers on album number four, we thought we'd better make sure Tom Fletcher and co. have been involved again. Well they have, and it turns out the result is so good James Bourne wants to nab the track for McBusted's album.

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McBusted talk working with One Direction's Niall Horan - McBusted images -

Chatting to us exclusively ahead of their big Barclaycard British Summer Time Hyde Park gig this weekend, Tom Fletcher said: "We've written on all of their albums so far. We've written a couple of songs with Niall. They're really cool, but you never know if it's going to make the final album."

James Bourne off of the Busted bit of McBusted added: "So there's a song that I heard that the guys wrote with Niall that I really want to be on our album," with Thomas chipping in: "We're taking that back. Niall will like that, though. [He'll] love it."

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So is the song, like, Don't Forget Where You Belong levels of ovary-explodingly amazing? "They'd better not take that song, and if they do take it it should be a single," James advised.

Okay - just excuse us while we go lie on the cold hard ground for a minute, yeah? In the meantime, here they are saying those exact words.


Amazing. Also, four words: TOM. IN. TIE. DYE. That is all.

What d'ya reckon, then? Excited to hear this tne they're raving about? How we we think the boys could sort out who actually gets it (*cough* naked mud wrestle *cough*). Comments please.

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